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We, as a society, are becoming more health conscious than we have ever been. Thanks to medical advances, we now know more about what’s better for us and what to avoid. This is likely to be part of what has driven the big surge in gym usage over recent years. The news tells us that gym spending is up 44%, and it’s easy to see why.Along with the increase in gym usage, more of us are...[ Read More... ]
hey guys it's gymnast1210!!I just wanted to say that I have a gymnastics editing channel, Aerialistic edits!Please subscribe, goal is 20 subs <3 I actually love doing YouTube and if you want to start,by all means start! I will definitly subscribe to you as long as you tell me your youtube name. Here's the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzJb1LWzhnbKMP6oSvswIUwI...[ Read More... ]
In today's world, with the number of sports that take place, day-to-day, with the number of people taking part in sports increasing all the time, it's not a surprise that there are a lot of sports injuries happening all the time.In fact, it's estimated that 1.35 million youths get serious sports injuries every year. And that's just the kids!What's more surprising, though, is that when people are...[ Read More... ]
An international war of words [url=http://www.coachoutletstoresset.net/]Coach Outlet Online[/url] has broken out over a New Zealand pop star's chart-topping single, after an American blogger labeled the [url=http://www.coachfactoryoutletnca.com/]Coach Outlet[/url] track racist.Royals,the debut single by Lorde, the stage name of Ella Yelich-O'Connor, currently sits above...[ Read More... ]
Weekly long rides suitable for those of us fans are very necessary . By riding our weekly aerobic capacity and muscle endurance improved inevitable , but it must be based on the correct way to grasp the rhythm and riding on top . We often see such a scenario: starting soon or arrived at the outskirts , we suddenly saw the road on a whim , struggling dash, or a fierce rivalry with the car or if...[ Read More... ]
mdevera :shock: "A coach that doesn't want parents to watch?!" Originally Posted by meganclarke: The Gym Chat Forum has a thread on this topic with links to the Nick Checker situation: A coach that doesn’t want parents to watch?!From the site, gymnasticscoaching.com: A coach Nick Checker (Nicholas P. Checker, Nicholas Checker) resigned his position after 21-years with...[ Read More... ]
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Margaret Lavin, a Reporter for the Mercury News for the greater San Francisco Bay Area released a great piece about how Judo can help prevent bullying. Her article can be seen [URL="http://www.mercurynews.com/elementary-my-dears"]http://www.mercurynews.com/elementary-my-dears[/URL]. She also mentions Dr. Barbara Lavi, a Clinical Psychologist and Associate of the Blind Judo Foundation. Dr. Lavi...[ Read More... ]
According to reports, on September 9 to 14 in the western U.S. state of Nevada at the International Cycling Championships, a Dutch player to score refresh speed of 133 km bicycle race in the world record. The tournament uses Recumbent bikes, elite athletes from around the world in six days of competition in a fierce competition. Eventually, one of the players from the Netherlands with the...[ Read More... ]
More than ever before, people with disabilities can cheer for and be inspired by athletes whose stories are more similar to their own. Disabled athletes are motivating people with physical and intellectual disabilities to participate in a broad range of physical activities.Sometimes all you need is the right adaptive equipment. After losing a leg as a baby, Scout Bassett sets world records with...[ Read More... ]
2018 is an exciting time for the Russian team, with veterans Aliya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova making their return at the European Championships, in Glasgow. This will be the first time the pair will have competed on the same team since the London Olympics, when the Russian team was at it’s prime.The pair are set to compete at the European Championships in Glasgow, with world all around...[ Read More... ]
May 1, 2010 the National Judo Championships were held in Myrtle Beach, SC. Myles Porter, who lives at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO was one of the competitors. He has been visually impaired since birth and first learned the sport of Judo in Freemont, Ohio where he also wrestled. His vision is only 10% of a what is considered "normal" vision. Myles also won Gold at the...[ Read More... ]
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According to the American Printing House for the Blind, there are approximately 59,355 legally blind children in the US. This includes children and young adults up to age 21 and includes those that are legally blind. Legal blindness is a level of vision loss that has been defined by law to determine eligibility for benefits. According to the 2009 American Community Survey (ACS), there are...[ Read More... ]
Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation new official website coming soon.
Alan Garrels accepts the Chairmanship of the Advisory Council of The Blind Judo Foundation. Alan has an impressive backgroung and experience to lead this new Council as he brings over 30 years of experience working in the blind and visually impaired community. In the mid 1980 Alan was President of the State of Washington Chapter Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the...[ Read More... ]
We have added a blogs feature to the Gym Chat Message Boards! All members can post their own blog, and allow others to comment on them. (No player web registration necessary, just basic message boards sign up.)
Bruno Carmeni, the past President of the International Blind Sports Association for Judo and his wife Aida Guemati, a 3rd Dan and European Judo Veterans Champion both from Italy returned to Cahill's Judo Academy in San Bruno, CA to continue their support of The Blind Judo Foundation [URL="http://www.blindjudofoundation.org"]http://www.blindjudofoundation.org[/URL] The Mission and Goal of the...[ Read More... ]
Great News! Chris Jones, a blind and visually impaired Judo athlete from Cahill's Judo Academy just won the Gold Medal in the 100kg catagory at the US Brown Belt National Championsships at the City College of San Francisco. Chris defeated 4 competitors using only "left side" techniques against his opponents. Coach Willy Cahill decided that Chris was having problems with execution using his...[ Read More... ]
REX is a "must read" book about a Mom who is raising a child that has become not only blind but through further testing was discovered to have autism and was a savant. The savant characteristics revealed itself after Rex was given an electronic keyboard. He now plays from memory classical music after one hearing. If you are looking for a book that is heart-warming and inspirational and if...[ Read More... ]
[IMG]http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/images/kabc/cms_exf_2007/on_the_red_carpet/101011_otrc_dwts_wk4_grey_dancing.jpg[/IMG] Movie star Jennifer Grey and star choreographer Derek Hough wow the judges and audience with an awesome Argentine Tango on "Dancing With The Stars" week 4 Monday night, earning the first 10's of the season. The judges described their dance performance as "prime time delight"...[ Read More... ]
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We all know where a lack of physical activity leads for sighted people: weight issues, poor circulation, obesity, diabetes, poor school grades, high blood pressure, and the list goes on. The matter is even worse for blind and visually impaird children and young adults when they get no exercise whatsoever. It has been touted that over 66% of blind and visually impaired children and young adults...[ Read More... ]
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