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Proper training experience long cycling
Weekly long rides suitable for those of us fans are very necessary . By riding our weekly aerobic capacity and muscle endurance improved inevitable , but it must be based on the correct way to grasp the rhythm and riding on top . We often see such a scenario: starting soon or arrived at the outskirts , we suddenly saw the road on a whim , struggling dash, or a fierce rivalry with the car or if you are planning to ride away ........ at 100 km or more, the result is often set off like a high-spirited when generals, come back when one exhausted ...... I do not know how to describe . Then honking big sleep , the next day it is still tired . If you can not be a good day to restore , you should properly check their riding process . I'm afraid your muscle tissue and other body functions have been hurt, which means you not only failed to improve their riding time but may have hurt himself. In fact : training lies with the quality rather than quantity . If the training scientific method 10 km of riding without a clue than 100 km of its usefulness does not know better than to go ! I think if you want to improve their skills through long rides , please refer to the following points : 1, training for long-haul pleasure rather than fear . Riding is easy , if you should have your own wrist heart rate controlled at about 70%, preferably not more than 80% ( of course, this is the Earth people know , but you can not control yourself you ----- rob, not red ! ! ! ) if you do not watch your best heart rate will speed control in 26-28 km / h ( I mean flat road ) . Easy to ride with the gear ratio ( certain ! ) . In this riding "Speed ​​" is a supporting role , because you have to understand that long-distance riding exercise is aerobic capacity , endurance of your legs , so-called " oaks from little acorns ", which is the basic training , the beginning of all improve . See the mountains, view of the water and learn to avoid fatigue in the long distance , to be good with feeling adjust physically . Slowly you will enjoy long rides , 4-5 hours continuously adapt to stay in the car . 2, may be doubts about his many friends in this riding their speed can not be increased. Well, then , you can be at the end of the ride about a dozen kilometers to do sprint interval training ( if not necessarily physically bad do ) , washed every 3-5 minutes once per one kilometer do three to five times. Speaking sprint naturally make every effort to have the wrist observe their own heart , and remember no matter what you use the gear ratio to ensure the best frequency of more than 100 times 120 times . The reason I think that high-intensity interval training when placed near the end , is that we can take into account the negative without any mental exercises can be in full swing . Another point : in case there is almost nothing from the city , a good deal . 3 , to learn to control themselves, this is a very critical day high clouds Tan . Lane is very easy to make people passionate person thin Wan battle , despite the 70% to 80% view the Earth people know , but not everyone can do it. Learn to control is the key to success ! ! ! 4 , almost forgot : Do not empty trips , if one hour prior to departure nothing to eat, even when you're riding the back of the course , did not give you the added every few kilometers of the Tour de France with energy bars in vain. Remember that point every 15 minutes to drink water, not thirsty to drink ! ! ! 5 , do not forget suddenly So, as you well know every driver is a potential killer, there are a lot of unexpected hazardous situation.
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