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Physical Fitness & Activity for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals
We all know where a lack of physical activity leads for sighted people: weight issues, poor circulation, obesity, diabetes, poor school grades, high blood pressure, and the list goes on. The matter is even worse for blind and visually impaird children and young adults when they get no exercise whatsoever. It has been touted that over 66% of blind and visually impaired children and young adults get no exercise at all. Even when it comes to gym class the PE teachers might have the blind / VI students "sit-out" PE class and awarded a C grade as in many cases the teacher doesn't know how to integrate the blind or VI (visually impaired) student into routine activities. This is truly an injustice as the blind individuals has the same desires and goals in life a sighted individuals but becomes demoralized through exclusion in such activities. This is not the case with the sport of Judo. Charlie Huebner, Chief of Paralympics (not to be confused with Special Olympics) refers to Judo as the Opportunity Sport. If there was anyone sport truly adaptable to blind and visually impaired children, it's Judo. Judo brings about Confidence, Character development, how to make Commitments and follow through, Humility, Respect and Responsibility. But it doesn't stop there in expanding the vision of the blind student. There are practical benefits for incorporating the sport of Judo into ones weekly routine - namely comradery or friendship with others of like mind. For those that excel in the sport of Judo are great candidates for becoming a member of the US Paralympic Judo Team. The Paralympics compete at the same venue and opereate under the same rules as the Olympics. When the Olympics end, two weeks later is the opening of the Paralympics. The elite judo athlete can become a candidate for representing the USA as a member of the US Paralympic Judo Team. But once again it's not important whether one get selected for the Judo team but they are learning and enjoying their new found sport of Judo. More about Judo can be seen a [URL="http://www.blindjudofoundation.org"]http://www.blindjudofoundation.org[/URL] and by following the Foundation at [URL="http://twitter.com/blindjudo"]http://twitter.com/blindjudo[/URL] Let us know your thoughts and experience with Judo especially if you are blind or visually impaired. #blindjudo @blindjudo
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