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Race 9 Central Station Moreno Spain steep breakthrough win one second advantage grabb
Central West 9th stage race , the final stage of climbing up to 30% of the super steep Valdepenas de Jean, Katusha 's Dani Moreno on steep slopes just beginning to break when offensive , Valverde and J-Rod is still struggling to catch up with the ultimate behind 4 second , the final Moreno won the championship stage , Valverde second , J-Rod third . Previous stage to grab a red shirt as Roche get stage IV , only one second difference will be lost in the red shirt stage performance outstanding Moreno. Today, the 9th station , Antequera → Valdepeñas de Jaén, is a mountain road on higher ground stations, length of nearly 164 km of the route to the first point of the 116 km sprint around the dividing line , here it is at an altitude before 400-700 meters down , then it is slowly to 1000 meters above the height of the walk, but an entire race station is only a mountaineering integration points , located 147.5 km at the Alto de la Frailes, is a two slope , 6.2 km climb from an average slope of 5.8%, Valdepenas de Jean is actually having skills of climbing in the middle of the steepest , one must seize the front row start position . Through here , you all the way down to the last one kilometer , it is the site of the climax. End Valdepeñas de Jaén is a hillside by the door of the town , the population should be less than 5,000 people , but it is the end of the famous Tour of Spain , 2010 ( 4th stop ) and 2011 ( 5 points ) have come to over here , the main reason is the last one kilometer , the road is narrow, but also next to both sides of the house, while the maximum instantaneous gradient will reach 30% , coincidentally, the first attack the previous two top riders -2010 Uran and 2011 Igor Antón, are to be surpassed in the middle , but there is no way to win a single station . This time champion Dani Moreno curse be broken , he pioneered and successfully won the breakout stud color , this is his fourth race in the current following the Central West won the second single race. Team Sky 's Edvald Boasson Hagen in the offensive launched earlier been smashed in the last two kilometers , 700 meters away from the finish when , Moreno attack, try to leave their entanglement with other GC rivals , especially followed by Roche, he to know that they grabbed the red shirts will build 10 seconds before the end of the leading edge , the results we have seen, he was extremely accurate calculations , only one second difference from Roche who grabbed the red shirt .Moreno said after the game that they were able to obtain the second victory and win the riding red shirt collar is not easy, but he did not long retain Red intention , then the team will still continue to support the Lord Rodriguez. Roche lost red shirt , admitted they are a little disappointed , " the end of the climbing very difficult, but I think I've tried , lost red shirt for me is not what a disaster , then there are a lot of opportunities ." Then everyone's attention will be focused to the next super-tough 10th stage , which is the last stage before the rest , I do not know which fate has turned the GC standings can not be changed after the end of the 10th stage Some have uncertain .
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