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Nibali : "There are three key stages and I'm ready "
Vincenzo Nibali , Vuelta leader , said that despite the weak moment happened in the ascent to Formigal last Monday he is " prepared to defend the red jersey " and that does not give up on the goal of winning the Tour by second time. While admitting tiredness because having raced the Giro d'Italia and butt and do something great in the Vuelta, the " Shark of Messina" is ready to face " the Hell of the North" . " Prepare two laps in the season is always harder on the mental level , that is a great effort . Of all forms have three decisive stages and I'm ready . No I give up ," he said . If you want to reach his second red jersey in Madrid, Nibali will have to pass the exams with high Peña final Cabarga Naranco and Angliru . The latter rose Asturian port already the Sicilian in 2011, and considers it appropriate for their conditions . " The Angliru already know and is perhaps the stage for me," he said. Nibali analyzed each of the remaining three raises and noted as the number one rival American Chris Horner. " Horner is very strong , but the Angliru seated climbs . 's Not too hard Naranco and Peña Cabarga either." Meanwhile , Giuseppe Martinelli , Astana manager , acknowledged that " Nibali is not the same the Giro " because the accumulation of physical exhaustion. " Nibali is in the form of money , but 20 percent less , so I was in the plans that had a bad day .Reached the Round of 60 days of competition, and always being used to stop ," he said . In his analysis of Nibali 's rivals , Martinelli believes that cumulative fatigue in season can be very influential . " Nibali did not race the Tour and Valverde and Itching if they did. 're Seeing that already accused fatigue. According to Astana technical question mark is Horner. " He made the Tour , so it's cooler , but do not know how strong it is in these final stages " . The Sicilian rider will face the last part of the Tour with a lead of 28 seconds sovereign American Chris Horner , 1.14 minutes behind Alejandro Valverde and Joaquim 2.29 on "Itching " Rodriguez, fourth overall .
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