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Bicycle individual needs into industry trends Shanghai retro dead Speed ​​Shop RIDEAL
2009 onwards, with the "dead fly family," the rise of vibrant color, fashion cool dead coaster has become a "street influx of people," one of the essential goods. Shanghai and Shanghai to meet more individual needs of dead flying enthusiasts, August 24, 2013, Shanghai retro dead Speed ​​Shop - Rideal in magic are officially opened. Located in Jiaozhou Road Rideal bike shop, bicycle historical heritage but also incorporates new elements: for their faithful car retains the overall frame vintage bicycle and the bicycle accompanied by bright, flamboyant tires, saddles and handlebar effort to build life, retro fun of cycling dead fly. Store showcases the brand's retro bike 3-4, in which not only the people familiar with the Phoenix bicycle brand phoenix, also from the Netherlands colossi and other foreign brands full debut, more faithful car in the field to select their own favorite car aircraft and parts to be assembled, to create a unique retro cycling dead fly, it is learned, each finished product prices ranging from $ 2,500 to $ 10,000. As living standards improve, bicycles have been gradually transformed from a means of transport for recreational sports, lifestyle new choice. In recent years, the China International Bicycle Exhibition (referred to as: "China Exhibition"), the number of domestic and foreign exhibitors have exhibited vehicle vintage bicycles and death coaster, became the "China Exhibition" a tapestry. "China" exhibition in the promotion of cycling culture, but also always pay attention to cultural and death coaster retro bicycle bike that reflects the trend of individual needs and trends, clutching bike market dynamics, as exhibitors, visitors provide updates, and more bikes industry information.
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