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Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics - it exists!
You watch the Even Stevens epsisode where the older brother gets really good at rhythmic gymnastics but then finds they aren't putting in men's rhtyhmic gymnastics yet? There actually is rhythmic gymnastics now, so I guess it was accurate that they are putting it in and they can get a headstart in the competition then....?! lol オーストラリア Shaun 輪(Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics) [youtube]qsw-a7ijJ7M[/youtube] Has more artistic elements than in women's rhtyhmic I think, more flips other youtube results here: more videos here too, including the USA group, Malaysian team group, high school / university groups, groups and individual performances: Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics - Video Clips
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That episode was funny! The USA men's rhythmic gymnastics group does like a martial arts / ballet / artistic gymnastics with flips kind of routine.
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