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Blindness in America
Every seven (7) minutes someone becomes blind in America. There are currently 10 million Americans (some estimates say 13 million) are blind or visually impaired. 94,000 of the 10 million are school age children. Of all the blind and visually impaired individuals 80% are white, 18% black and 2% comprise Hispanics, Asians and others. There are different levels of blindness from "legally blind", low vision and is usally identified as: [LIST] [*] B1 - Total Blindness [*] B2 - Vision of 20/200 [*] B3 - Vision of 20/400 [*] B4 - Vision of 20/600 [/LIST] "Legal Blindness" is defined by law to determine eligibility benefits. It refers to central vision of 20/200 or less in the better eye with the best possible correction. This is measured by vision charts or a vision field of 20 degrees or less. In spite of these physical disabilities the blind and visually impaired do exceptionally well at tactile skills and sports like Judo. The 2008 Olympic & Paralympic Games in Beijing will have the opportunity to witness first hand the amazing US Paralympic Judo Team with all members of the Team as being blind and visually impaired. Unfortunately the Paralympic Games which start with the Opening Ceremonies on September 6, 2008 will not be televised by an American broadcasters. However [url]www.paralympicsport.tv[/url] will cover the events of these brave and courageous athletes which are an inspiration to not only the blind but sighted individuals alike.
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