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2008 US Paralympic Judo Team at White House-Oct 7
Members of the US Paralympic Judo Team that competed in Beijing, will meet on Tuesday, Oct. 7 for the traditional visit to the White House. The White House Ceremony will take place at 9:40 a.m. on the South Lawn. President Bush is hosting this event and congratulating all members of the Olympic and Paralympic Teams. [B]Greg DeWall[/B], the Bronze Medalist will be in attendance. Greg is the only member of the US Paralympic Judo Team representing America that medaled. Four others, Myles Porter, Andre Watson, Scott Jones and the only female, Jordan Mouton will be in attendance also. Unfortunately the Paralympics sometimes gets confused with Special Olympics as the US news media has no to minimal mention of Paralympics. Paralympic Games are the second largest sporting event in the world and the least known among Americans. Consequently funding and sponsorship is also minimal to non-existant. However, the expenses to the White House are fully covered by various organizations. When paralympic athletes need financial support for tournaments, training, travel, food, hotel, planes, memberships to various organizations and gear, they are pretty much on their own. This is not true of regular Olympians which have to meet the same expectations, training, qualifications and athletic ability as Paralympians. To learn more about Paralympic Judo check out the website [url]www.blindjudofoundation.org[/url].
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