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2008 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships!!
From tig526 -not all the videos are labelled, looks like she'll label them as people identify them :-): Viktoria Komova FX Pacific Rim 2008 [youtube]dwS6_nxfeaQ[/youtube] Alyona Zmeu UB Pacific Rim 2008 [youtube]SY8HJ4TXHMw[/youtube] Erika Garcia (not related to Elsa Garcia!) - floor routine [youtube]4CjiVWzzkEk[/youtube] Maricela Cantu [youtube]qeJyxAJUqws[/youtube] a girl's vault - who is that? [youtube]1Qx4kAeF0r8[/youtube] Karla Salazar FX Pac Rim 2008 [youtube]NqUnMvgA26U[/youtube] ...some other ones not labelled yet: FX: [youtube]oGtUv1ThTaw[/youtube] from lookimasian: Jie Cui bars 2008 pacific rim championships [youtube]eEpUOqwi9vw[/youtube] not enough rotation on her double front dismount, falls on her back xin zhang bars [youtube]k0Fs8C6LmBg[/youtube] has to muscle through for her kip on high bar after her toe on transition, bad dismount, too short rotation and looks like doesn't open soon enough mengsi tian bars [youtube]rI9bhlGhU8U[/youtube] same muscle throughs for kips on high bar, good double layout dismount 80sgymfan posted some bars videos from the stands at 2008 Pacific Rim Championships (must have sat in the bars sections!). It's amateur video from the stands, kind of shaky, and no sound, but anyways, here it is: 2008 Pacific Rim - Nastia Liukin UB AA [youtube]i156dbcXHBo[/youtube] 2008 Pacific Rim - USA warmups UB [youtube]ZJ0UifvgPM8&NR=1[/youtube] 2008 Pacific Rim - Mustafina UB AA [youtube]ozSkLvR-NYE[/youtube] 2008 Pacific Rim - Zmeu UB AA [youtube]0fZq7Fs-akE[/youtube] 2008 Pacific Rim - Komova UB AA [youtube]RM97bk061ks[/youtube]
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NewNewNastiaFan101 put up these videos today, of the NBC coverage: 2008 Pacific Rim Championships - Part 1 [youtube]oHASeN-ODrs&feature=user[/youtube] 2008 Pacific Rim Championships - Part 2 [youtube]Kx-mKnJXvhU&feature=user[/youtube] 2008 Pacific Rim Championships - Part 3 [youtube]2uVd7EtEJug[/youtube] 2008 Pacific Rim Championships - Part 4 [youtube]-U4ALfof8tA&feature=user[/youtube] Welcome to the new member on here nastiafan101 - same person?!
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