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the difference of a coach's attitude
Utah women's gymnastics team feel they are doing better now because of their coach's (Greg Marsden) changed attitude - the personality / attitude and how coaches treat the gymnasts really can make a huge difference - especially when the gymnasts are older and demand the respect - all ages deserve respect. Too bad some club coaches especially don't get that. [quote] Senior team captain Nicolle Ford puts some of the bad practice moods back on her coach. "Yes, things were a lot better last week," she said, "but we feed off of Greg just as much as he feeds off of us, so if his attitude and the way he's coming into the gym is not excited and in a bad mood, then that's how we're going to be. "If everybody comes in in a light mood and joking, then it's a totally different atmosphere." Ford said Marsden morphed last week, and it helped. "Him coming around and changing his attitude, as well as us, I think that's a big part of it." She said he has every right to be hard on the team when it doesn't do well, but she says it's best if he gets his point made and then lets it go. So recent practices have been the happiest all season, in Ford's view. "It's been better. It's been both parties." She adds that this team seems to get down when even one person is in a bad mood, so her advice for all is, "Fake it," she said with a laugh.[/quote] "U. puts together string of productive practices" -,1249,660210423,00.html
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