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Juggling school & gymnastics
In college, you still have to juggle school, studying and gymnastics practice. There's less hours of practice though than in club gymnastics. Your school might have tutors available for the athletes too, to help out. Some gymnasts may choose to do summer school classes when it's not competition season, to help in the academic work load during the year.
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Utah Red Rocks gymnastics program, balancing academics and college gymnastics: [quote]Great start to the week: Marsden was pleased with the Red Rocks' training on Monday, telling the team he couldn't remember a better Monday practice in five years. "Mondays are usually a struggle," he said. "For whatever reason, they came in on fire." Marsden expected practice to be sluggish, because the athletes are preparing for finals next week, and some have final projects due this week. Break time: Next week-which is finals week-will serve as a break for the Red Rocks. Marsden requires no workouts during the week to ensure the gymnasts perform well on their exams. The Dumke Gymnastics Center will be open for the athletes if they find time to workout, but Marsden wants them to "make the right decision" between studying and training, he said. "We try to do a lot of things to encourage and motivate (the gymnasts) to appreciate why they're really here," Marsden said.[/quote] Workout is a nice break from school and studying. They always say on the news that you actually can get energy from working out.
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