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The more protection you give your eyes
I read an article about Lasik since im interested and planning to undergo eye surgery for my nearsightedness. I want to share this information to all of you. Hope this will aid all your questions about the procedure, anyway Laser vision correction results can vary anywhere from improved to perfect vision. The Lasik procedure is very common, but patients differ from one to the next. Eye shape, corneal shape and level of impaired vision all affect the procedure as well as the outcome. Some patients might even require multiple treatments in order to correct vision. Patients should not worry if vision does not improve right away. It can take anywhere from three to six months for vision to stabilize post LASIK surgery. Those who wear contacts should not put them back in if their vision is not fully corrected. Regular visits with your doctor will ensure that other options will be explored if perfect vision is not achieved. The more protection you give your eyes, the faster your results will be. Participating in contact sports, applying lotion or make up to the face, even swimming and going into hot tubs or whirlpools can all have an effect on your eyes. If the mod will allow (since its my first post)here
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I just underwent on a lasik treatment a couple of months ago and I'm pretty with the results of it. My vision was back again to how it was before so I don't use my glasses nor my contact lenses now. Weight Loss Boot Camp
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I believe that laser correction is a good solution for poor vision. I also have a small myopia, my vision is -2. I'm not yet ready for laser correction (it's expensive for me, besides, I'm very afraid of surgery). Also, laser surgery doesn't guarantee that your vision will not deteriorate. In any case, you need to care more about the health of your eyes. You need to do exercises for the eyes, you need to wear sunglasses, you need to take care of the right lighting when you read or work at the computer. If you like to read (I ruined my eyesight by reading at night), then ordinary light isn't enough, take care of an additional light source, such as a desk lamp, although I prefer to read in the chair, so now I want to buy a floor lamp, here is a lot of tips on how to choose a good one. Don't forget to rest from work at the computer, take a short walk once an hour. 

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