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Lilia Podkopayeva on "Dancing with the Stars"
Lilia Podkopayeva on "Dancing with the Stars" [youtube]LaCivuIzsXc[/youtube] Lilia Podkopayeva trains for "Dancing with the Stars" [youtube]36YjfKClRkU&NR=1[/youtube] apparently Lilia is speaking Russian while her partner and the host are speaking Ukrainian. same theme song for the show as in the USA! prob. no one is surprised from her doing splits like the audience usually is for others lol! she's really good.
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ooo Lily Pod! thanks for the link! :D she is really good - it's funny i was just thinking on Dancing with the Stars on in the US that a gymnast would be good at the show too - esp. if the artistic gymnast kind - like Lilia.
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