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Carly Patterson videos - her Olympic route, coach Evgeny
Carly Patterson- Life After Gold Special Part 1 [youtube]ag5swT1_I_Q[/youtube] She went to WOGA at 12 years old, already jo junior national team, quickly went to international. Carly says her coach Evgeny Marchenko is a genious gymnastics coach because he treats each gymnast differently / individualizes it and knows what each gymnast needs/how to be coached that works for them. Carly Patterson- Life After Gold Special Part 2 [youtube]d1Jlmdw_1Pc[/youtube] 4th after bars and vault (landed out of bounds - the white lines - and small hop on vault), 1st after beam - stuck landing. Celebrating after floor - Olympic champion. As her coachs says: Ya baby! Carly Patterson- Life After Gold Special Part 3 [youtube]fOdu2K2Ribs[/youtube] Little Nastia Liukin is here :D [quote]- What qualities do you value in your coaches, Evgeny and Natalya? - For me, they are the best coaches in the world. Most importantly, they know a lot about gymnastics and understand gymnasts. They were gymnasts themselves at one time.[/quote] http://www.russianamericanbusiness.org/EN/web_CONTENT/articles/2005.01.20/group_05/3_articl/articl.shtml Carly Patterson Interview (on Ellen) [youtube]VmarnR5VKI4[/youtube]
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