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college way of selling tickets / getting fans
How they rally up people at this Iowa's men's gymnastics competition (and perhaps other competitions/events too): [quote]They're funny because it seems as though at sporting events, both collegiate and professional, there's always one thing you can count on - entertainment from the fan-friendly mini-games that take place during halftime and intermissions. You know, the ones so pointless and painfully easy, you can't help but be drawn to the action.[/quote] [quote]I'm not saying these small games aren't fun or festive, but perhaps there is a little too much ambition put toward luring people to some of the lesser-acknowledged sports. Even with the fan-made T-shirts, which made me laugh. On the back, they read, "they even practice on the weekends" and pictured a silhouette of a gymnast doing a handstand on top of a keg.[/quote] Funny...! :D :D Ya, colleges don't really practice on Saturdays like the club gymnastics. Article: "Over the top on fan-friendly" -
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Funny! :D
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