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Former Ball State gymnast beats down the contenders on "Ame
Former Ball State gymnast beats down the contenders on "American Gladiators" (Ball State Daily News) Venom sat perched atop a three foot wide platform, glaring at her opponent, a professional bull rider, on Monday's edition of "American Gladiators." The five-foot-eight-inch tall blonde gladiator held her jousting stick in anticipation of the referee's signal to begin "Joust." Publish Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 08:12:35 GMT Read more...
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5'8" that's tall for a gymnast! [quote]Venom's real name is Beth Horn, a 1995 graduate of Ball State University with a degree in exercise physiology. She also spent two years as a gymnast for the Cardinals. More than a decade after donning the Cardinal red, Horn now wears a silver spandex of the gladiators. "I am an American Gladiator, which is awesome" she said. The show is the revival of the original "American Gladiators," which aired from 1989 to 1996. It features two men and two women competing against 12 gladiators in a series of physical challenges. The most challenging event is "Joust," she said. She said her favorites are the "Wall" and "Hang Tough." In the "Wall," the contenders try to race up a climbing wall while gladiators pursue them and try to pull them off. In "Hang Tough," the contender tries to swing across rings to reach the opposite side while the gladiator comes from the opposite direction and tries to pull them off. "It was very cool," Horn said. "I had a blast doing it. It was very challenging physically and mentally." Bruce Butler, Horn's husband and manager, said he is proud of his wife for earning a spot on the show. "It is fabulous," Butler said. "We both are just so excited and feel grateful and blessed." While Horn is used to competing in gymnastics and fitness competitions, she said she never competed in a combat game like "American Gladiators." "Everyone definitely got beat up physically," Horn said. "Not too bad, but we did." [/quote] [quote]Dealing with injuries is nothing new for Horn as she blew out her knee twice while competing as a gymnast, once in high school and once during her freshman season at Ball State. Even without the injuries, Horn had the disadvantage of competing on the team as a walk-on while most of her teammates were on athletics scholarships. "I was definitely one of the worst gymnasts on the team," she said. After her two years as a gymnast, Horn said, she quit the team to take try new things and take a break after years of competition as a gymnast.[/quote] Body building & fitness copetition: [quote]After college, she said, she learned to properly train, which led to her winning the National Fitness Championship in 2000. The win led to her becoming a professional in the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness.[/quote] [quote]She also said she has her personal trainer business and is working on her Web site, bethhorn.com. Horn, who was on the list for medical school at the University of Chicago before beginning her career in fitness, is also the author of the 2004 book "The Natural Way: The Holistic Guide to Total Mind-Body Health & Fitness."[/quote]
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