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How much do gymnastics coaches make, coach's salary
from Techinque USA Gymnastics 2001, summary: Lowest annual salary for a gymnastics coach ($3,200) was received by a female high school coach and the maximum salary was received by a female college coach ($81,800) Average male income was $35,034 versus average female income of $34,394 College coaches' average salary was $44,325. Club coaches' average salary was $29,733 The average salary of assistant coaches was $32,974, while the average salary of head coaches was $36,055 For clubs: The average male club coach salary was $32,632 while the average female salary was $26,640. Comparison of head (ave = $31,133) and assistant (ave = $27,250) coaches revealed no statistically significant differences in salaries For colleges: unlike club coaches, the female coaches earned more on average than the male coaches (male = $42,033, SD = $17,375) vs (female = $46,700, SD = $18,602). No statistical difference was observed between average annual salaries of head (ave = $44,941) and assistant coaches (ave = $42,786). data from: [quote]Seventy-six coaches responded to the survey. The respondents were evenly divided by gender: thirty-six males and thirty-six females. Four surveys did not indicate gender. Twenty-six surveys (34.2%) were college coaches, while 45 surveys (59.2%) were completed by club coaches. Five surveys did not indicate the type of coaching. Nineteen surveys (25%) were completed by assistant coaches and 53 surveys (69.7%) were completed by head coaches.[/quote] and also [quote]For those coaches who reported their pay as an hourly wage, I converted the pay to an annual salary by multiplying the hourly wage by 40 hours per week and then by 50 weeks per year.[/quote] http://www.usa-gymnastics.org/publications/technique/2001/4/whatcoachesmake.html
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Lots more $$ for college gymnastics coaches than club. Rick from gymnastics coaching: Salaries for NCAA gymnastics coaches [quote] Georgia’s Suzanne Yoculan is reported to make $300,000+ / year. Where do I apply? She’s the top dog. What about other programs? [quote] Women’s gymnastics coach K.J. Kindler received a raise of $11,550 and now will received $115,000 annually in guaranteed money. She also had her contract extended by one year to July 1, 2012. Mark Williams, who has guided Oklahoma to five of the last seven NCAA titles in men’s gymnastics, now will receive $130,000 annually, a raise of $22,150 that will be effective next Tuesday. His contract was extended by five years to July 1, 2013. [/quote]Many contracts include performance bonuses. [/quote]Dallas News via College Gymnastics Board
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