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Tips on teaching dance safely
If you are planning on teaching or organising a dance club, then there are several things you need to remember. Firstly, if you are the teacher, you are responsible for your pupils so you need to make sure that the venue has at least a basic first aid kit to look after any minor injuries. Depending on the type of dance that you are teaching, it may be worth looking into getting  insurance cover for your classes. More strenuous types of dancing could potentially lead to injury, so to protect yourself and your pupils, consider getting some form of insurance cover. As the teacher however, you will realise that injuries only occur through carelessness or through a lack of a proper warm up. Dance can be trying on the body, especially if it is unused to it, so it is important to warm up your pupils through a series of exercises in order to get the blood pumping and the muscles read y. This can be done through a series of basic stretches, or simple cardio exercises like star jumps or light jogging. Next is ensuring your pupils are doing the various techniques correctly. This can be done by pairing your pupils up, so they have someone to train with as well as performing the various techniques yourself so your pupils know what they are meant to do and the correct way to do it. The most important thing to remember is before teaching new pupils, discover whether they have any conditions that might cause problems in the future, such as back problems. That way you can make sure that they don't over-exert themselves. Find more tips on teaching belly dance and other forms of dance with some free guides on world belly dance. Also interested in belly dance holidays in Egypt? Looking for tips on learning belly dance to get started?  More...
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