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How can I improve performance?
I am in middle school and I just started dancing jazz, tap, Hip Hop, and a Modern "fun" class. I am a little overweight so it is a little hard for me to be like the sticks in my class. I want to go to ADTC (American Dance Training Camp) and Camp Med-o-Lark, which has a huge dance program. I want to go to a dance boarding school like the School of American Ballet, but that is for professionals. Is there any other boarding school like SAB? Moreover, how can I improve my dancing performance? Thank you!
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Other boarding schools: Idyllwild Arts Academy Interlochen Arts Academy North Carolina School of the Arts Virginia School of the Arts Walnut Hill You can find their info at the Gym Chat listings directory under the Dance category: http://gymchat.com/listings Why would you like to attend a dancing boarding school? For the school year, or summer camp? You don't have to be a stick to dance. Good to be in shape, and dancing will help with that. Take the Dancing with the Stars tv show for example; the celebrities got very good and also got in shape at the same time, while having fun. Practicing, conditioning, and flexibility will help your dance performance.
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