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Gymnastics And More To Physically Train And Improve Abilities
Hello, all!~ ^_^ I am ColorsWolf, and this is my first post on these forums!~ This may sound strange, I wasn't sure where to put this, but here it is: I have a goal in my mind I want to achieve in my life, that goal is basically to be every bit as physically capable of doing any thing I can put my mind to.~ I want strength, toughness, endurance, flexibility, speed, balance, dexterity, etc.~ Please try to remain open-minded, but I am using a basic ability to move for any Assassin in all of the Assassin's Creed video games as an example and taken further than that.~ I want to be able to do things I only dreamed about as a child and as I got older, I want to be able to walk on rooftops on my hands with my feet up in the air, I want to run up walls, I want to run across walls to cross large far from the ground gaps, I want to be able to stand on top of a pole with one hand with my body perfectly straight and still for hours without end, I want to jump and clap my hands in mid-air from a handstand position, I want to be able to react within a hair of a second to any situation and have my body be able to keep up with my mind's reaction, I want to walk on a thin clothes-line connected from one roof of a house to another, I want to be able to go any where and do any thing using only my body and feel like I am almost weightless almost like I am in a dream where I can do any thing.~ ^_^ That is what I want to do.~ I believe physical disciplines like those in Gymnastics may help me achieve my goals.~ I am currently in the U.S.A. Navy and as Active Duty I get Tuition Assistance, so I was hoping to use this to take Gymnastic college classes to hone my body towards my goals.~ The problem is I have no absolutely no idea where to start.~ I am not learning any of this to compete in any way at all, this is all for my personal goals of being able to do any thing.~ I already have a great physical background: I was always climbing every thing from birth for as long as I remember, I was very much enthusiastically doing military repetitions in middle-school, did a summer in a Young Marines program at 12, was in track and cross-country in high-school, and took jazz dance in college when I was getting my Associates of Arts in General Studies.~ After that I got into climbing more things as an adult from buildings to poles to trees, and now building upon all of that I am working on my pull-ups, chin-ups, up-side-down sit-ups, and I have been working on my balance and strength by practicing handstands, handstand walking, and handstand push-ups using a wall.~ So far I can maintain a few seconds of walking and a few seconds of standing still on my hands, but I still practice every day using a wall.~ Help, any one?~
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