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beginner girl from Austria has a question - please read!
Hello guys! I would really really appreciate if you read my story and give me your opinion and tips if you have any. Since I am a very young I was searching for something that fills the “emptiness” in my life. I always had a lot of friends, a nice family, good grades at school etc, but I was always kind of unhappy. I wanted to go on adventures, play football, go snowboarding and always had a huge fascination for acrobatics, but there was not even a single person who shared my passion. I grew up in a small village in Austria, no one here really knows about acrobatics or gymnastics, neither did my parents. I am so extremely sad that they didn’t have the idea to put me in gymnastics or something at a young age!!! Anyways, when I graduated from school I decided to become a teacher for sports and geography. I attended gymnastics classes at university and suddenly found what I was looking for my entire life – people who are like me, who like being active, have fun together and respect others as they are! So like I said, I started acrobatics about 9 months ago and I think I am doing quite well. The coaches wouldn’t believe me when I said I have never done anything like that before. My “team” is just a bunch of students, most of them can’t even do a good straight cartwheel, but they train and have fun. But I want more. There is no opportunity for adults to train in Austria, but I am in these college classes 3 times a week for 2 hours. Additionally, I do some bodyweight exercises everyday for about 4-60mins. 4 times a week abs, and 2 times a week arms and legs. I also stretch everyday. I am so happy, I feel like nothing can harm me because I finally found a hobby and a job that makes me happy! The only thing I think about now is that I am really angry I didn’t start early. But then I say to myself, that maybe it is not such a big disadvantage to start later. Maybe I would have had a bad injury if I started earlier, or dropped out of it in puberty like many kids do. And now I know I really want it, I am even more focused and willing to work hard! But I am afraid it will take me ages to learn some skills. I don’t want to be a superstar of something. I WANT TO BE A QUITE FLEXIBLE AND STRONG ACROBAT, WHO CAN DO BASIC SKILLS, BUT THESE SKILLS SHOULD LOOK NICE AND PERFECT, NOT SLOPPY. I will now write down my goals and I would really appreciate if you could comment on it and give your opinion. My skills (I learned it in 8 months): Flexibility: Front splits left and right middle splits good back and shoulder flexibility, I can nearly put my head between my feet Strength: 15 hanging leg raises on a free hanging pull-up bar 5 hanging leg raises on stall bars 5 deadhang pull-ups 1 chin-up pullover 30 seconds straddle support 20 seconds L-sit straddle handstand (from standing) Skills: handstand for about 5 seconds cartwheel one handed cartwheel roundoff front and back walkover (I have not worked on anything else yet, but the skills mentioned are really decent!) So my goals are: Flexibility: Oversplits of 10 inches Bow and Arrow Needle Strength: 20 hanging leg raises on stall bars 10 deadhang pull-ups 7 chin-ups pullovers press to handstand from straddle support pike handstand (from standing) Skills: hold a handstand for about 30 seconds and do some variations (splits, stags, arched) back handspring back handspring step-out RO BH front/back tuck Side Aerial RO BH BT and then I want to work on my layouts, front aerials etc on the tumble track So do you think I can reach my goals? And if so, how long will it take with the amount of training I mentioned above? I would be so happy if anyone has some advice, maybe I won’t be that desperate anymore that I didn’t start earlier! Thanks in advance!
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u gotta keep going
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