New Gym Chat Website!

Welcome to the new Gym Chat website!  Gym Chat is now mobile friendly – in technical terms, we are using a new responsive design.  We have upgraded our website to UltimateWB software (thanks UltimateWB!).  All the features and apps from before, with better design, and upgraded for user friendliness & compatibility. Videos are now in mp4 format (instead of flash), and we have also included a custom Play Speed Options menu button so you can play videos in slow motion or at quickspeeds.

We have transferred all of the data from the previous website to this new website, including user accounts.  For security reasons, user passwords do need to be reset – to reset, please click on the top header “Forgot Password” link to enter in your email address and get the Reset Password link emailed to you.

Please post a comment here or contact us if you have any questions or comments!

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