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Changes to code of points, emphasize artistry/safety
[quote]The big news out of the recent FIG Executive Committee meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, concerns changes to the Code of Points for 2009, which will "promote the artistic nature of the sport and ... increase safety in exercises," according to the FIG news release. "Gymnasts from all disciplines will have to show exemplary mastery in their exercises. Execution will be favored." [/quote] Beginning in 2009, some changes: Women's COP: reduce number of required elements from 10 to 8 Men's COP: Juniors: 8 skills will count dowards the A score (difficulty score); and A score will be halved for juniors, less emphasis on difficulty, more on execution then. For safety: diving elements that end in a roll-out on floor and saltos to upper arms or bent arms on p-bars not allowed "G" difficulty category added - worth 0.7 points: -Ri Jong Song (triple twisting double back) on floor -Liukin (triple back) on floor -Cassina (layout Kolman) on high bar -Shahan (Kovacs with 1.5 twist) on high bar Also, on rings, swing to strngth combos will count as 2 separate elements if the swing reverses direction, like in front uprise to Maltese. via Dwight on IG:
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