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Morgan Hamm tears pec muscle, surgery, rehab
torn right pectoralis (chest) muscle from bars move: [quote]"As he swung through the bottom I could tell he was hurt because he was saying, 'Ow, ow, ow' and as soon as he hopped of the bar he grabbed his right arm and wouldn't let go," Paul said. "I had to help him out of the pit, take his grips off. He was very dazed. His face was basically white." The skill, a stalder Rybalko to one arm, involves swinging underneath the bar in a straddled position and releasing with one arm into a 1 1/2 pirouette that finishes the swing on one arm. In the past, Morgan has done the skill from a giant; the stalder, a straddled entry is new. He's also done the skill to catch the bar in a mixed grip, with both arms, but Paul said that Morgan wanted to do the one-armed version because they felt judges were being very strict with the mixed grip ending. "The stalder causes a little bit of a different dynamic as it comes through the bottom," Paul explained. "Sometimes you can get off to the side a little more, so you're more crooked and because of that, I think it puts more stress on the muscle. [The injury] didn't look that bad. It was just circumstances coming together -- I mean Blaine [Wilson] tore his rotator cuff on pommel horse. I still can't believe that."[/quote] video on Paul's and Morgan's website: http://www.makingtheolympics.com/videos/torn_pec.html NBC Olympics article: http://universalsports.nbcsports.com/articles/show/21840?sport_id=13
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rehab, physical therapy: http://www.makingtheolympics.com/videos/therapy.html stretching and exercises
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