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Vanessa Atler and Jamie Dantzscher Fluff
From the 1998 Goodwill Games
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Floor Montage
floor montage from worlds with vanessa ferrari, shawn johnson, jade barbosa and steliana nistor.
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Carly Patterson/Vanessa Atler*Requested by persevereforgold*
montage of Carly Patterson and Vanessa Atler. This montage was requested by persevereforgold.
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VanessA AtleR. HANGING ON.
Another Atler montage. she's my favorite gymnast of the month ha ha. leave me comments on a...[ Read More... ]
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Kim Zmeskal, Vanessa Atler, Carly Patterson. CRASH WORLD!
A montage i made. about them crashing, training and getting better, and forgetting about their...[ Read More... ]
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VanessA AtleR. I GOT NERVE!
The title says it all. This is my very first montage ever made! Hope you enjoy! I am now taking...[ Read More... ]
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When Dreams fall apart
montage featuring Hollie Vise, Vanessa atler, and Andreea Raducan.
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Vanessa Ferrari : 2008 Europeans TF BB
Vanessa Ferrari competes on the balance beam at the 2008 European Championships during team finals.
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Vanessa Ferrari : 2008 Europeans TF FX
Vanessa Ferrari competes at the 2008 European Championships on the floor exercise during team finals...[ Read More... ]
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Vanessa Ferrari : 2007 Worlds TF UB
Vanessa Ferrari competes during the 2007 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany during the Team...[ Read More... ]
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