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Daniela Silivas 1983 UB
1983 International Junior Championship UB
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Svetlana Boginskaya 1986 UB
1986 Jr Euros Bars
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Jeffrey Langenstein uneven bars routine
Uneven bars routine with over shoot, toe shoot, giants to double back dismount.
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Eric Haeussler High Bar
university of california berkeley men's gymnastics eric haeussler's high bar routine
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5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00
Justin Blair Double Full
Justin Blair Double Full off trampoline carolina twisters
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Arabian double front
arabian double front rod floor
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Double Lay out high bar
hey there buddy
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University of Illinois Gymnastics- Paul Ruggeri VT
Yurchenko double full windy city chicago 2008
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University of Minnesota Gymnastics Vault
tsuck double pike windy city chicago 2008
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Flips and twist
rudi in full out: two and a half twisting double front tuck.
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