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Hallelujah acro montage
It's been a while since I uploaded anything, sorry for that. Here is a little video about difficult...[ Read More... ]
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Junior Trio from Belarus, Tempo ex., European Championships
One of my favourite exercises. Very clean, almost perfect. It was the junior team of Belarus which...[ Read More... ]
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Ukrainian Trio at Europians
I uploaded this exercise because of two elements I first saw done by them. ORIGINALITY: two and...[ Read More... ]
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Russian Trio at European Championships
I start uploading with this because they were the most precise. Although their job was much easier...[ Read More... ]
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Double tucked
Because sportyjes and frazman309 asked for it. Unfortunately, the battery ran out by the time we...[ Read More... ]
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Acro Women Trio from Belarus
Many of you asked for another video, so here it is. As this trio won in Belgium two weeks ago,...[ Read More... ]
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Acro Women Trio
Another Russian trio, which ended up being second on the World Chapionships in Coimbra. I...[ Read More... ]
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Flexibility: The basis of gymnastic
Actually this started as a kind of gift to my partners about us, but then I got permission to...[ Read More... ]
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World Champ Winner Trio 2006
HEY EVERYONE!!! READ THIS PLEASE!!! As everybody was asking the same quiestions, I decided to...[ Read More... ]
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