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27 muscle ups by Jaz @ bondi beach pull chin up
Jaz bangs out 27 nice ones at Bondi Beach - 2/2/09 = a beautiful hot day with great views...
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One arm pull chin ups x 5 strict! - marcusbondi
one arm pull chin ups on a sunny bondi day - feb 2 - big cheers to rick, zef, joe & jay! one arm...[ Read More... ]
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Strong Girl Gymnast Does 20+ Pull Ups Chin Up marcusbondi
Chrissie loves Bondi Beach! Chrissie trains for sprint canoe - not body building. If you think she...[ Read More... ]
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Triple 3 Clap Push Ups + 18kg (40lb) Weight Vest up
Maurice bangs out clean triple clap push ups wearing a 18kg/ 40lb weight vest.
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Triple 3 clap front/back push ups - Maurice @ Bondi
Best triples on youtube; very sharp triple clap push ups by Maurice at sunny Bondi Beach on...[ Read More... ]
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Front lever pull ups horizontal full ab gym extreme marcusbondi
Some front levers on a sunny, windy Bondi Beach day.
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Extreme muscle ups to dbl footplant pull chin up bar Luc
Muscle up pull chin ups to footplant
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One arm chins & muscle up set by Jaz @ Bondi Beach
One arm chin ups, muscle ups, & lateral chins by Jaz at Bondi
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Maurice: 39 pull ups @ 83kg strict no kip chin up @ Bondi
Maurice bangs out 39 pull ups to the back strict, no kips or kipping.
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