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Human flag by strong girl gymnast extreme ab core
Chrissie getting close to a perfect human flag hold...
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Triple 3 clap front/back push ups - Maurice @ Bondi
Best triples on youtube; very sharp triple clap push ups by Maurice at sunny Bondi Beach on...[ Read More... ]
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Mohamed Halbouni Diving Top Board B 2005
Mohamed Halbouni Top Board 7m group B 2005
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Ahmed Halbouni Indiana Diving Academy Summer 2008
Many thanks to Dr. Jeff Huber, Todd Waikel and all members of IU diving team.
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Practicing level 5 bar routine. First day getin high bar kip
Read Description: Practicing my level 5 bar routine. This was my first day getting the high bar...[ Read More... ]
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Caroline Portugal vs Poland Disney World Martial Arts 2008
Sports jujitsu with 23 year old Iwona Kok from Poland. Last years Jujitsu Champion. Caroline first...[ Read More... ]
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Double Backs!
Last week I did a few double tucks onto a floor level mat in a pit for the first time! Hopefully...[ Read More... ]
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Sports Acro - Arthur and Shenea - Realis
Sports Acro duo, Arthur and Shenea (also known as Realis, from America's Got Talent) perform their...[ Read More... ]
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