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Flip Fest floor routine 2008
not the best, but i dont really care
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Stanford University Gymnastics- David Sender HB
David Sender's high bar routine at Chicago Windy City 2008
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The outcast (Woman dance solo)
Well, this is a little break from acro. I had a copy of a Hungarian dance competition, and I really...[ Read More... ]
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Shawn Johnson. I have a courage like never before.
montage of shawn johnson. this isn't the "better" one i was talking about earlier this is just one...[ Read More... ]
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Dream Floor Routine
My dream floor routineA-Score: 6.2 in both the current code and the future '09 code. Song is...[ Read More... ]
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Maria Teresa Gargano : 2004 Olympics Qual. FX
The original video had the rotation music playing over her routine, so I just dubbed the routine...[ Read More... ]
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Maria Teresa Gargano : 2003 Cottbus EF FX
I LOVE this routine. The dance is awesome, the enegery is awesome, the music is awesome, the...[ Read More... ]
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Yang Yun : 2001 Hong Kong Exhibition FX
Yang Yun performs on the floor exercise at an exhibition in Hong Kong in 2001.
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Lilia Podkopayeva : 1994 Euros EF FX
Her Hava Nagila routine is my favourite routine of hers, and this is my favourite performance of...[ Read More... ]
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Kyoko Oshima : 2002 Asian Games TF FX
Kyoko Oshima competes on the floor exercise during team finals of the 2002 Asian Games.
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