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Fred vs. Puerto Rico, Jujitsu America
I'm in white, this was my first fight at a sport jujitsu tournament as part of disney's martial...[ Read More... ]
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Sport Jujitsu
Second round of another sport jujitsu match. For information about sport jujitsu go to...[ Read More... ]
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Fred vs. black gi match Jujitsu America
I think this guy was native to Florida. This was another fun sport jujitsu match in Orlando Florida...[ Read More... ]
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my hong kong match
my first match in hk
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arm breaker
keep your eye on the guys' arm
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Blind judo athletes, documentary preview
World Cup Championships and Games in Brazil and athlete interviews.
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2008 Judo/JA Sport Jujitsu Season Highlights - daboyzsf
2008 Judo/JA Sport Jujitsu season highlights of Nikko & Alex.
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2008 JA Sport Jujitsu / Disney Martial Arts Festival - Alex
Anaheim Convention Center - Feb. 16, 2008 - Alex is the one in the blue belt.
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5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00
Jujitsu America Presents Sport Jujitsu
Highlights of recent competitions and demo of the sport of 'Sport Jujitsu' presented by the...[ Read More... ]
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JA Sport Jujitsu Santa Clara May 24 2008 141 - 150lb
Jujitsu America ( JA ) Sport Jujitsu 141 - 150lb Men's Div. TigerClaw Ultimate Internationals...[ Read More... ]
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