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Brad - bar handstand to switch foot push ups @ Bondi
Brad limbers up at the outdoor gym @ Bondi Beach
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9 hand stand push ups by 'Party Dave' - free balance
After a big rope session, Dave trains up with some handstand push ups
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One arm chins x3 chin ups 84kg pull up armed: marcusbondi
3 x full extension one arm chins after work fully clothed with phone, wallet and bunch of...[ Read More... ]
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dismount and handstand on beam #2
title says all
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Justin Blair Great Backhandspring
the best backhand spring i have seen in my life.
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Press Handstands
My new press handstands. i deleted the older one because everybody commented saying that i was...[ Read More... ]
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My 2nd gymnastics competition!!!
My 2nd gymnastics competition at the New Images Cheerleading Center. scores: floor: 9.225...[ Read More... ]
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READ PLEASE ; My first time doing a bhs alone with no spotter on a cheeese mat. - - - - - - - -...[ Read More... ]
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practicing the bhs
READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE!!! i've gotten so many comments saying that this was a back walkover....[ Read More... ]
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me doing cartwheels and handstands
me practicing my cartwheels and handstands for fun
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