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32 chin ups @ 83kg (183lbs) - full ext pull up
Lazy sunday afternoon attempt at chinning record with cheeky kids making fun of me!
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extreme rope climb 100ft 30m+ climbing no feet marcusbondi
no feet, strict 7m X 4.6+ rope climb = quad
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Triple saltos at European championships 2007
I collected all the triple saltos from the tempo exercises of the European Championships in 2007....[ Read More... ]
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Juniors at the EuroChamps montage
I was a bit fed up with all the videos almost only about seniors, so I decided to show you all how...[ Read More... ]
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Winner trio from the competition in Belarus
The balance exercise of the winner trio from the competition we participated in in Belarus. Their...[ Read More... ]
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First Competition: Diákolimpia 2007
This was a gift to my partners before we travelled to Belarus, showing them all that we've been...[ Read More... ]
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Acrobatic Gymnastic montage
My first video. Both balance and tempo acrobatic elements by the bests. Sorry for bad quality....[ Read More... ]
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this isn't mine but i just found it. it's crazy! this video is from http://www.ginasticas.com. i...[ Read More... ]
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Shawn JOhnson. This is what dreams are made of.
kind of a lazy montage, i'm running out of music so any you can think of would be great! i love the...[ Read More... ]
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The Beauty and Grace of Gymnastics
a photo montage of beautiful gymnastics.
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