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Romanian Gymnastics Training
Part 2 from the 2003 Romania vs France vs Holland meet. Vault and Floor warm up.
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1991 Natalia Laschenova training
FX training
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Daniela Silivas 1983 FX
1983 Junior International Championships Dana FX
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Svetlana Boginskaya 1986 FX
1986 Junior Euros FX
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Elfi Schlegel 1978 Floor
Canadian gymnast Elfi Schlegel
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Allana Slater 1997 FX
Australian gymnast Allana Slater at Junior Nationals.
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Armine Barutian 1985 Medico Cup FX
Coach Armine Barutian Fong from GAGE as a gymnast.
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Henrietta Onodi 1986 Jr Euros FX
Hungarian gymnast Henrietta Onodi as a junior.
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Flip Fest floor routine 2008
not the best, but i dont really care
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Region 8 Floor 2008
not the best but whatever
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