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Blonde Girl Weighted Chin Ups 300+lb Strong Muscle Pull Up
8 chin ups with (120lb 55kg) fit blonde girl at Bondi Beach = Total weight 300+ lbs.... I know the...[ Read More... ]
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Extreme ab burn chin pull ups L sit NYC - slikric83
In New York & trained with ninja master Slikric83, who showed me around NYC's best (workout) bars!...[ Read More... ]
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Allen 25 chin ups @ 85 kg @ Bondi Beach pull up
Allen busts out 25 chins in warm up for his session.
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Kevin 3 x one arm chin ups @ 65 kg pull up /marcusbondi
Kev whacks out 2 x 3 OAC one armed chin ups on a sunny Bondi Sunday afternoon... one arm pull ups...[ Read More... ]
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Party Dave blasts 26 chin ups @ 84kg @ Bondi pull up
DAve is flying with 26 chins.
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Tom does 28 pull ups @ 93kg @ Bondi chin up
Tom bangs out 28 to start his bodyweight session on a cold & windy Bondi Beach day.
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Dimitri 27 wide grip chin ups 92 kg bondi beach pull up
Dimitri bangs out 27 to start his chinning session.
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Max does 27 chin ups @ 92kg @ Bondi pull up
Max starts his chinning session with 27 chins on a cold & windy Bondi Beach Sat arvo.
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37 pull ups full ext @ 84 kg @ bondi beach chin up chins
37 chin ups on a freezing, windy beach day kind of a record... chins pull up ups pullups pullup...[ Read More... ]
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4x one arm chin ups +10 muscle up +10 pullup =1 set
Four x one arm chin ups + 10 muscle muscle muscle ups + 10 pull ups whilst cheeky kids made fun of...[ Read More... ]
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