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American and European Gymnastics
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, this is for entertainment only. Requested by Gymdogfan2009. Hope you...[ Read More... ]
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Nastia & Shawn: Our Time Is Now
Shawn/ Nastia montage. I really like this montage except for a few pieces of dodgy editing at the...[ Read More... ]
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Bridget Sloan Montage
This started out as a Bridget montage but I could only find clips for the Beijing Test so I had to...[ Read More... ]
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Mattie Larson. Montage. Somewhere I Belong.
this is a montage of an amazing young athlete Mattie Larson. She'll be trying for a spot on the...[ Read More... ]
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Michael Phelps Eats and Eats Commercial
Michael Phelps eats and eats commerical. Beijing Olympics 2008. 08.08.08 Worked well for him,...[ Read More... ]
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Sui Lu : 2008 Chinese Nationals EF FX
Sui Lu competes on the floor exercise duing event finals at the 2008 Chinese Nationals. She tied...[ Read More... ]
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