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Armine Barutian 1985 Medico Cup FX
Coach Armine Barutian Fong from GAGE as a gymnast.
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Armine Barutian 1985 Medico Cup BB
Current GAGE coach, Armine Barutian Fong as a gymnast herself.
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jonty's one arm chin at bondi beach
way to go jonty!
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jono's one arm chins x 2
jono warms up!
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One arm pull chin ups x 5 strict! - marcusbondi
one arm pull chin ups on a sunny bondi day - feb 2 - big cheers to rick, zef, joe & jay! one arm...[ Read More... ]
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10 x One Hand Clap Push Ups - Lionel @ Bondi up arm handed
Lionel bangs out 10 excellent one arm /hand push up sat Bodi Beach this afternoon.
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One arm chins & muscle up set by Jaz @ Bondi Beach
One arm chin ups, muscle ups, & lateral chins by Jaz at Bondi
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Kevin 3 x one arm chin ups @ 65 kg pull up /marcusbondi
Kev whacks out 2 x 3 OAC one armed chin ups on a sunny Bondi Sunday afternoon... one arm pull ups...[ Read More... ]
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4x one arm chin ups +10 muscle up +10 pullup =1 set
Four x one arm chin ups + 10 muscle muscle muscle ups + 10 pull ups whilst cheeky kids made fun of...[ Read More... ]
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One arm chins x3 chin ups 84kg pull up armed: marcusbondi
3 x full extension one arm chins after work fully clothed with phone, wallet and bunch of...[ Read More... ]
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