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Thousand Hand Dance
Amazing Chinese Dancers, all of whom are deaf.
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1991 Natalia Laschenova training
FX training
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Svetlana Khorkina Fluff 2000
From the 2000 Olympics
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Svetlana Khorkina Fluff 1997
From the 1997 World Championships
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Roza Galieva Fluff
From the 1996 Olympics
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1994 Dominique Dawes Fluff
From the 1994 World Championships
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Named Skills - Gymnastics
A montage featuring clips of skills named after gymnasts. Excuse the errors - there are a few that...[ Read More... ]
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Gymnastics Training USA v USSR Part 3
1990 USA v USSR training Part III
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Tatiana Lysenko 1989 BB
1989 Junior International Beam
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Svetlana Boginskaya 1986 UB
1986 Jr Euros Bars
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