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Cal Gymnastics Pre-Season 2009
Footage from the golden bear rec center during October 2008. Video made by Nic Blair and features...[ Read More... ]
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Ahmed Halbouni Indiana Diving Academy Summer 2008
Many thanks to Dr. Jeff Huber, Todd Waikel and all members of IU diving team.
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Junior Trio from Belarus, Tempo ex., European Championships
One of my favourite exercises. Very clean, almost perfect. It was the junior team of Belarus which...[ Read More... ]
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One World One Dream: Team USA
So, I'm going to do one of these for China, USA and Romania, but I had the most footage for the USA...[ Read More... ]
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Bridget Sloan Montage
This started out as a Bridget montage but I could only find clips for the Beijing Test so I had to...[ Read More... ]
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British Girls At 2007 Worlds
montage of the best british team ever (i think!) and the song is from the best british band ever,...[ Read More... ]
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Britt Reusche. Reaching for Heaven.
** Update on Britt (12/25): 2 weeks ago Britt was trying to qualify to be an international junior...[ Read More... ]
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Shawn Johnson. Nationals and Trials 2008. Let Things Happen.
montage of National Champion, Olympic Trials Champion, and Olympian Shawn Johnson. This montage is...[ Read More... ]
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No Sacrifice Today. The 2008 Olympic Team and Trials.
montage of the 2008 olympic team for women's artistic gymnastics. i've been working on this montage...[ Read More... ]
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Bridget. Shayla. Ivana. 2008 trials. Believe in Me.
montage of three gymnasts who tried their hardest to earn a spot on the women's artistic gymanstics...[ Read More... ]
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