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Perfect 10.0
A montage with clips from routines that scored a perfect 10.0 by me.
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Extreme Ab Body Crunch Exercise by Dimitri @ Bondi
Dimitri demonstrates his extreme ab/body crunch routine.
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Jeffrey Langenstein uneven bars routine
Uneven bars routine with over shoot, toe shoot, giants to double back dismount.
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Jeffrey Langenstein High Bar Level 10 Meet (1/09)
High bar routine. Level 10 Meet.
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Eric Haeussler High Bar
university of california berkeley men's gymnastics eric haeussler's high bar routine
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5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00
Flip Fest floor routine 2008
not the best, but i dont really care
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Stanford University Gymnastics- David Sender HB
David Sender's high bar routine at Chicago Windy City 2008
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Practicing level 5 bar routine. First day getin high bar kip
Read Description: Practicing my level 5 bar routine. This was my first day getting the high bar...[ Read More... ]
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my level 4 gymnastics bar routine
my level 4 gymnastics bar routine. first gymnastics competition score:8.25 third place
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new level 4 gymnastics
my new level 4 gymnastics routine. and at the end i tried to do the practice bhs not the roundoff....[ Read More... ]
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