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'96,'00,'04 Olympic Trials. We will only just remember...
Montage of the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympic Trials. This montage shows the happy side of the trials...[ Read More... ]
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CarlY PattersoN. SUPERHERO. Floor Montage.
a floor montage of Olympic Champion Carly Patterson made with the help of Greg (a lot of help). i...[ Read More... ]
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CarlY PattersoN. Training through the years.
montage of carly patterson training
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montage of 2004 Olympic gold medalist Carly Patterson.
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CarlY PattersoN. THIS IS MY TIME.
Carly patterson video montage.
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CarlY PattersoN DREAMER
photo montage of carly patterson video montage coming soon.
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Maria Teresa Gargano : 2004 Olympics Qual. FX
The original video had the rotation music playing over her routine, so I just dubbed the routine...[ Read More... ]
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Sandra Izbasa : 2004 Chunichi Cup FX
Sandra Izbasa competes on the floor exercise at the 2004 Chunichi Cup.
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Steliana Nistor : 2004 Chunichi Cup FX
Steliana Nistor competes at the 2004 Chunichi Cup on the Floor Exercise.Floor music is a remix of...[ Read More... ]
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Anna Pavlova : 2004 Chunichi Cup FX
Anna Pavlova competes on the floor exercise during the 2004 Chunichi Cup. Her floor music is...[ Read More... ]
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