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Rhythmic Gymnastics at 10 yrs old?
Hi, My daughter is 10 yrs old and has a desire to do Rhythmic Gymnastics. She is currently a gymnist and has been doing gymnastics from age 4 and she also took a year of ballet classes, but favored gymnastics more. She has been competing and is currently a level 5 gymnist. Is she too old to begin Rhythmic Gymnastics and are there any training facilities in the NY-NJ area that one could recommend for this sport? Thank you for your replies!!!!
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She's not too old to start rhythmic gymnastics. It's good also that she also has artistic gymnastics experience and ballet - good combo for rhythmic gymnastics. From the Gym Chat gym listings directory for rhthmic-> in New Jersey area: in New York area: Maybe someone from this area can recommend a good rhythmic gymnastics club. If not, visit some and watch the classes - afterwards talk to the coaches - you don't want them changing their procedures because they know a potential customer is watching. If it's a small club though, they might notice anyways lol. Also, the clubs that let you watch I would say are better. The ones that don't let you watch...make you wonder why not. Better to feel comfortable with a gym that lets you watch the classes.
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Thank you
OK, great I will make sure I check these links out . And you're right it's better to watch before we make a decision to sign her up....thanks a million :D
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Gymnastics Age and Resources

Hey their, I dont think she is too old to take rhythmic gymnastics at all. You can check out more about rhythmic gymnastics in Jersey here -


If you are looking for some resources for rhythmic gymnastics you can also check out some of these that might be helpful - - all you need to know about music


- gymnastics equipment guide -


 - making a rhythmic gymnastics hair bun


Hope that helps and good luck!

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