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Lana's Gymnastics Club
13 years ago -
71-25 Main Street
New York
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Gymnastics: We have over five gymnastic programs in our facilities. We offer programs such as advanced program that takes students to the progressive next level. Also beginners where we focusing on Ages 5-7, 8-11, 12 & Up. Moreover, We have program for children 18-30 month which calls Mom and Me and few more programs which you may read more in our gymnastic section... Dance: Lana’s Dance Studio offers instruction in choreographic skills, which focuses on basics of ballet, jazz, and modern dance. We try to help students develop femininity, poise, grace, self-expression and creativity. All lessons are done to appropriate musical accompaniment. The highlight of this program is the dance recital at the end of the year. For more info visit our Dance section of the site... Martial Arts: We have a great martial arts program which offers a great program that teaches our students the arts of Tae kwon do it is a modern martial art, characterized by its fast, high and spinning kicks. Please check our martial art page to learn more about what our martial art program... Birthday parties, Summer Camp, and also Music School and Art Studio.
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(718) 263-2121
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11 years ago
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Environment- heated/cooled when necessary
Program Flexibility, willingness to tailor to students
Feels like a business (1) or a family (10)
I enrolled my 9yr old son in Lana's gymnastics which started July 5th 2011 . About 2 weeks ago my son started coming home with bruises and scratches but he always said he fell. Once he started telling me he did not want to go to camp and would be so upset when I dropped him off daily. One day he told me he was upset because when they were in the pool one of the boys in his group misbehaved and they were put in time out on one of the days where it was over 100 degrees he was left to stand in the sun for 20 minutes with no shade or water. I made a complaint and it was never addressed and I never received a call from them. I let it go and told my son if it ever happens again he has to tell me. Then my son complained that he was not happy there because the kids were making fun of him because he is spanish and the majority of the camp is Russian. They told him Russians are stronger and better and put down our race. I told my son to ignore these kids and if it escalated to tell me so i can go talk to the owner. Yesterday I noticed him sad and for the last few days he was dreading going to camp. He finally confessed he was being bullied by another child many times and body slammed but yesterday he body slammed him in the concrete floor. I went to speak with the owner and was treated horribly , this man Alex Rabinovich was rude , disrespectful , intimidating and a bully himself. I recorded everything we spoke about and have proof. He interrogated my son and treated him as if he was not telling the truth. They did tell me they would change his group away from this child. My son refuses to go back he is shaken up and is afraid of not only the bully but the owner as well and so am I. I told him i did not want any problems I just want my money back and he refuses to give me a refund. My son was shaking when he got home and can't stop crying. I honestly do not blame my son because I also do not want to speak or see this man again he was very intimidating and I myself am shaken up by this. Read more: http://localdirectory.nydailynews.com/lana+s+gymnastics+club.9.7082007p.home.html#ixzz1Ue3kpl1T
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