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Art of Gymnastics & Cheer
11 years ago -
1054 Rte 47 S.
Rio Grande
New Jersey
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The Art of Gymnastics and Cheer provides children of all ages and abilities a positive learning environment in fundamental movement and basic gymnastics, dance and cheerleading skills. We also offer advanced gymnastics, contortion and cheerleading training. Our facility was named "2007 Top Acrobatic Studio of the United States"! Gymnastics, dance and cheerleading are the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastics, dance and cheerleading skills develop qualities that are perfect stepping-stones for other sports. Through proper instruction children show progress in many key developmental areas - gymnastics, dance and cheerleading build strength, flexibility, body awareness, balance, agility, coordination, confidence, creativity and fun. Children experience fun that comes from making new friends, the joy of learning new skills and accomplishing goals for which they have worked. Women’s Junior Olympic / Rhythmic Junior Olympic, Group Gymnastics, Girls Recreation, Rhythmic Recreation, Cheerleading, Parent/Child and Preschool Classes
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Diane H. Buscham
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