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Compromise not option for Nicholas Checker
Just some questions which have arisen. Note: This is not intended to defame, slander, or libel. But just a few questions. . . The Gym Chat Forum has a thread on this topic with links to the Nick Checker situation: A coach that doesn’t want parents to watch?! From the site, A coach Nick Checker (Nicholas Checker) resigned his position after 21-years with his club to protest a management decision that opened his gym to spectators, including parents. Checker had argued that he covered the viewing window “so parents didn’t distract children and to reduce risk of injury.” Personally, I prefer children’s sports clubs to be open to spectators at all times, even at risk of distraction. But there is a great compromise, one with which almost every coach can agree. Spectators sit behind one-way mirrored glass. Parents can see in. But the gymnast sees a mirror. Why the controversy may seem to still exist is because of the resignation following the compromise—that is, this coach would leave employment AFTER the proposed compromise of installing the two-way mirror. There was also talk recently concerning his alleged blocking the path of the parents by placing a mat in the path. And the aunt (a 27-year resident of Montville chose to withdraw her niece from her pursuit of registration in a neighboring town in which the aforementioned coach is said to be working, following a verbal dispute, in which the fifteen-year old was told she didn’t have the “right” hair or looks to be one of the women on the “team,” which followed the question by the niece whether or not the coach’s toupee was colored, and if he was indeed 49 years of age as he stated (and not 63 which was in fact his true age as of early 2013). Distressing, to say the least. Here is another interesting piece regarding “regular” abuse in general which might be of interest to those in the sport: From the Competetive Edge on what makes a coach abusive: THE ABUSIVE COACH FITS ANY NUMBER OF THE FOLLOWING: Regularly uses public embarrassment and humiliation on his/her athletes Is disinterested in the feelings and sensitivities of his/her players Rarely uses praise or positive feedback Is a yeller Demeans his/her players Plays “head games” with his/her athletes Is personally dishonest and untrustworthy Creates a team environment based on fear and devoid of safety Is never satisfied with what his/her athletes do. Is overly negative and a pro at catching athletes doing things wrong Is more interested in his/her needs then those of his/her players Over-emphasizes the importance of winning Tends to be rigid and over-controlling, defensive and angry Is not open to constructive feedback from players or other parents Uses excessive conditioning as punishment Can be physically abusive Ignores his/her athletes when angry or displeased Is a bully (and therefore a real coward) Coaches through fear and intimidation Is a “know-it-all” Is a poor communicator Only cares about his/her athletes as performers, not as individuals Consistently leaves his/her athletes feeling badly about themselves Kills his/her athletes’ joy and enthusiasm for the sport Is a bad role model Is emotionally unstable and insecure Earns contempt from players and parents Coaches through guilt Is a master of DENIAL!!!!!
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