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have u noticed...?
Hey, have you guys noticed that lots of times when someone wins the gold like right away on their first try, then they like quit the sport? ...like Carly Patterson, the Hamm brothers--Paul and Morgan Hamm--, also seems same in ice skating, with Tara Lipinski for example, vs. someone like Michelle Kwan. Then take Shannon Miller, or Dominique Dawes. Or Dominique Moceanu. Ya, I know the Hamm brothers still have some practice, etc., but you get the point.
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Ya, but then you have people like Alexei Nemov, he won the Olympic gold medal in the Sydney games 2000 and went on the compete in the 2004 Athens Olympics as the leader of his Russian team...where there was a huge controversy over the judges scoring him too low - he did a great, huge, exciting bar routine and just had a little step in the landing of his dismount, the judges game him a 9.725, in 3rd with others yet to compete, and the crowd made huge noise and protest, shouting and whistling, interrupting competition for nearly 15 minutes, the judges changed it to 9.762, still 3rd, and the crowd continued protest, stopping only by Aleksei stepping onto the podium and asking them to, for the sake of other athletes. What class! ........and so began the new scoring system! The Rusian Olympic Committe later awarded Alexei $40,000 for outstanding performance and class. Alexei says,
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