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Parental Consent for Children
Under 13 years of Age

Your child's Player Web account will be manually activated by Gym Chat upon receipt of the Parental Consent Form. If you have not already signed up for an account, please do so before faxing or emailing this form. The Player Web account email address should match the Child Email Address on this form, unless you otherwise noted.

In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (2000), children must be 13 years of age or over to use any similar service or receive parental consent to participate.

We highly value your child's privacy and security. All fields on the player web builder are optional, and users have full control on the information they choose to be displayed on their player web on the Internet. If you decide to take off any information from your player web that you have previously entered, you may simply leave the field blank in your edit on the webpages builder and those fields will be edited and/or deleted from the database and the webpages accordingly. Changes / edits / deletions are made in real time, however you must note that search engines may crawl these webpages and have a previous version of the player webpages stored already that does not have these changes. You may, of course, for added security choose to keep the default account setting of "Private", so that only members you add to your Team friends list will be able to view your webpages. Information collected from your child and entered into the online player webs builder is stored on the database to be put on and displayed on your child's player webs on the Internet. The information users enter into this webpage builder is not collected by to disclose to any Third Parties for other purposes.

You can review your child's personal information displayed on their webpages, ask to have it deleted or delete it yourself, and discontinue the account. Simply email with your account info.

To provide parental consent for your child to participate in player webs service, please complete the parental consent form and either fax to (650) 342-5114 or scan/email to with the Subject Line "Gym Chat Parental Consent Form" (to ensure authenticity, we require your handwritten signature).

If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to contact us! Player Webs
Parental Consent Form for Children
Under 13 years of Age
I verify that I am the parent or legal guardian and grant permission for my child to participate in player webs service. I agree to the Gym Chat Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .
Parent / Guardian Name
Parent Email Address
Child's Name
Child's Email Address


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