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FREE Player Webs on Gym Chat!
Login from the top of any Gym Chat page - make sure the "Individual" radio button is checked!
New to Gym Chat?
Forgot your username/password?
Request Activation Email to be resent
*Please make sure to put admin@gymchat.com on your 'white list' if you have spam filters...
Already have a Gym Chat Standard Account?
To order a custom-made website
or your own domain name,
contact us!
For athletes, coaches, parents, and sport fans!
* If you are under 13 years old, you must get parental consent. first.
Player web sign up gives you access to all the applications on Gym Chat. It is required for uploading and commenting on videos, audios, and photos and for joining and posting to networks/groups. It will also be required for our upcoming new applications... If you have already signed up for a standard Gym Chat account through registration on the Message Boards, you may upgrade to a player web account by going to the upgrade form.
Easily make your own web & put it on the Internet! Easy updates!
No web design or progamming experience necessary!
Just login, go to your control panel, and fill in / update your very own online admin forms, and click update...and your information is coded into your webpages automatically and uploaded onto the Internet.
Profile, Photo Album, Team / Chat Messaging, Organizer, Blogs, and more!
Upload your photos, videos, audios, competition schedule and events, competition results, write your own blogs. Add friends to your Team and chat message directly on each other's pages! Friends may tag photos/videos to your player web.All fields are optional, so you choose what you want to put on your page.
Personalize your website and express yourself!
Choose from 35 sport web styles or upload your own background image...or choose a solid background color. From your web styles control panel you can make your own style unique!
Template sports web background styles
sport web styles templates
view styles
Connect to your club team website and share with your teammates!
Join your club teams website by clicking the "Join" button on any of the team pages - your player web will be added automatically to the team's "Player Pages" section. This will give you access to posting to your club's team website, add photos/videos & audios and also let you skip the step of entering a password to enter the team website if it is password protected, when you are logged in to your player web.
Now your teammates can easily log onto the Internet to find your competition schedules, results, or read your blog. Or log onto the Internet to remind yourself!
Join your club's network, fan groups, sport groups, start your own, and more!
Get access to post photos/videos & audios, messages, and interact with others who share your interest!
Privacy / Security

Set your player website to "Private" so that online visitors not in your Team will only view your profile picture, webpages title header, and short blurb. Only friends in your Team will be able to view all your website and chat message with you online. All fields are optional, so you choose what you want to put on your page.

Different Viewing/Access Options: PRIVATE (friends only) , PASSWORD ACCESS (friends have access plus those with Pass Key) , MEMBERS , PUBLIC (all can view homepage, members only can view all of web), ALL PUBLIC (all visitors have access)

Other additional options for various sections available as well, such as who has access for posting comments, to allow comments/ratings, etc.

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Control how/if your player or club profile is listed in the Find Tools. Accessible only by members.

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